Home Improvement 101 – How to Fix a Broken Door Knob

It is said that the millennials of today do not have the knowledge or the skills needed for home improvement. I used to dismiss this as pure hearsay until I was finally faced with a real challenge. A few days ago, the doorknob of our bathroom door finally gave up due to natural wear and tear. It was only natural that we needed to change the doorknob on our own. My wife just gave the look that suggested I should be the one to do the repairs. Being the man of the house, it was my obligation to handle all things that required handyman skills.

There is just one problem though; I don’t have the slightest clue how to remove and install a new door knob. I may have helped my father install one back when I was younger, but to actually do the thing on my own is different. So when the time came for me to install the new doorknob, to everyone’s surprise, I managed to destroy the knob before I can even install it. I thought that I had to separate both knobs so I can install each knob on the opposite side of the door. Unfortunately, I ended up destroying the new knob. I finally gave up after a few hours of trying to figure it all out.

Since we can’t just leave the bathroom door without a doorknob, I decided to purchase a brand new doorknob. But before I opened the packaging, I decided to take a crash course on how to install a brand new doorknob. I opened my Youtube app and started looking for tutorials on how to change the doorknob. When I found one, I watched and then I realized that the process is quite simple. Within a few minutes, I was done removing the old doorknob. Then after 20 minutes or so, I was done installing the new doorknob. It was that easy!

There are only a few things that you need to watch out when removing and installing the doorknob and it is very important that you follow these:

  • Make sure to unlock the knob before you install both ends. The doorknob is always locked by default so when you take out the knob from the packaging, remember to get the keys and unlock the knobs first. Because if you don’t, by the time you finished installing the doorknob, you’ll most likely lock yourself inside the bathroom.
  • Don’t’ hesitate to ask for help from other people while installing the doorknob. I had my wife help me while I was trying to screw the locksets together. Then she assisted further by giving me the screws while I started using the screwdriver to connect both locksets together,
  • Test your doorknobs and see that the locking mechanism actually works. If there are any problems with the doorknob, you can bring it back with you to the shop or hardware store and have it replaced at once.